Posted on 3rd Oct 2017

Very often, climate change debates, conferences, and policies hits the interest of every nation or regions and communities at the lower extent. Being a universal goal, it has harmonized nations irrespective of power or level of economic development. At this point in time, the prescribed Less Economically Developed, the Developing and the Developed countries have merged for the sake of humanity. Considering the upheavals of the said phenomena, countries have witnessed and suffered from this indiscriminately.

On the other hand, the propensity on how much each victim witness or suffer from climate change can be categorized contrarily. While some communities suffer from floods, others; landslide, draught, heavy and irregular rainfall, the loss of glacier to name but this.

The adversities of climate change is quite huge in the coasts, northern and southern regions of the globe. While some countries witness frequent events of climate change impacts, some countries with lesser occurrence are unable to meet up or recover from such occurrence.

With climate change impacts, we are either affected or infected but how much a person loses in terms of lives, capita, or resources do also determine interests of persons in the struggle to adapt or mitigate climate change.

Climate change, believe it or not is real and the world is witnessing this phenomena. Before now, some communities for instance locals from the rural communities misjudged it with traditional occurrences with possible solutions resulting to sacrifices. This equally explains traditional interaction with the environment seemed so friendly and sustainable. Meanwhile, this system of interaction is making so many communities especially the indigenous and forest dependent communities very vulnerable to the negative impacts and solution providing.

While world leaders seat to discuss on climate change issues like adaptation and mitigation strategies, politics always derail the objectives of such gathering. To think that companies, factories and countries can be noted for enormous pollution of the atmosphere and water sources and the desertification of our forested regions and at the end been requested to chip in income into baskets to compensate other forested region will make things go better then I think this is not enough. Climate change is an irreversible phenomena which leaves the middle and low income households, communities, country and continents at a very devastating position.

Today, some climate change mechanism rely on the compensation of forested communities with money collected from others noted to aggravate climate change situation which sounds convincing at the moment. Should the situation go worse and to think that the amount of oxygen intake will have to be calculated and rationalized for each country, household and every individual what will be the position of these poor countries? Would we need to control birth? can the poor house hold pay for an oxygen bank or can these poor countries/household be able to pay for out of earth evacuation trip.

All this might look far from reach or not real but with the existing occurrences in the Larsen C Ice Shelf, floods, rising bedrock in Greenland, hurricane Harvey, Arctic sea ice decline, increase sun energy absorption in the arctic, glacier melt in Alaska, it sure will produce the worst if we do not act positively today.